Frequently Asked Questions

Is ABA therapy efficient for autism?

ABA therapy is the only scientifically backed method of treatment for autism and is widely used in other practices due to its effectiveness. ABA is very effective due to its intensive one on one setting and is more efficient in younger children. Remember every child is different thus progress will vary from child to child.

How will my child benefit from ABA?

ABA will target your child's developmental deficiencies identified during the initial assessment to fade out unwanted behaviors and reward targeted behaviors.

ABA targets social skills, self-care skills, potty training, play skills, and other living skills.

Which insurances do we take?

We are constantly becoming providers of new insurances and we are with most major insurances including Medicaid. Usually the cost to parents of these services is zero. And if we do not carry your insurance, there is nothing to worry about, we can obtain an authorization from the insurance.

Are parents allowed to participate in sessions?

Parents are highly encouraged to take part on the sessions. One of the main foundations of ABA therapy is the parent training. This is very important because the target behaviors and target goals are being reinforced at home, after or before the therapy session took place. ABA is most effective when the work is collective between the parents, the lead analyst, and the therapist.

Which are the settings available for therapies?

We offer services all over the community. Our service location is depends on the child and family needs. We have children all over the community, from schools, in-home therapy, our center, etc.

What documentation is needed for services?

Most insurances require the following paperwork to begin the prior authorization process for the services:​

  • A diagnosis requiring ABA therapy and a referral made by a doctor

  • An individualized education plan (IEP) or a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation (CDE)

    *CDE is for Medicaid only*

  • Insurance (Private pay is also available)

What is the acceptance age?

The younger the recipient is, the more effective the therapy becomes. We serve recipients from 16 months old to 21 years old.

What is the therapy setup?

What is the therapy setup?

The therapies are provided by a Board Certified technician which are always working under the supervision of a lead analyst. The advantage of the center is that a lead analyst is always available to assist the technicians.